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Deami Footwear started in the fall of 2010 as a mere hunch.  Owners, Christopher Jackson and Jared Subawon had a peculiar idea to start a shoe brand, but neither knew the first thing about launching, let alone owning a shoe brand. Their idea stemmed from going to malls, boutiques and online stores realizing that there weren't any brands that truly enthralled them. With little to no resources, Jared and Chris began a journey that no one could have prepared them for, and four years later they have arrived. 

Now that you know the background let’s get into what Deami Footwear means. Deami is a twist between Detroit & Miami (Dee - Ahh - Me) as the owners are from these cities. The idea of, "Transitional Men’s Footwear" came about during the research and development phase, the owners quickly realized that there wasn't a dominate brand in the market place that embodied men who were making the transition from traditional athletic sneakers to more modern, sophisticated and casual sneakers. Deami aims to be the brand that you go to during these transitional phases.

Whelp, thats the nitty gritty. So in a nut shell we're not cliche,  however cool enough that you would introduce us to your friends and smart enough to take us to your 9-5.

By the way, did we mention that we are an open book? Should you have any questions about our mantra, products, designs or our favorite foods we can be reached by email anytime at 


Deami Biography from JLZ FILMS on Vimeo.




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